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Cuppedjoy BodyCup Cupping Set™

Cuppedjoy BodyCup Cupping Set™

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Introducing Cuppedjoy's Bodycup Cupping Set™ 

Experience the perfect blend of confidence, happiness, and joy in your life. Enhance your overall wellbeing with our ancient Chinese therapy of vacuum cupping for the neck, back, glutes and legs. Relieve muscular pain, and assist your treatment of sleep disorders, anxiety, musculoskeletal problems, limited range of movement, rheumatism and fibromyalgia.

Try Cuppedjoy Bodycup Cupping Set™ today and feel the transformative power of relaxation, improved circulation, muscle recovery, pain relief, and enhanced vitality. 

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Cuppedjoy BodyCup Cupping Set™

What is cupping?

Vacuum cupping is rooted in ancient Chinese therapy and has been trusted for centuries to enhance health and wellbeing. By creating gentle suction on the skin, it stimulates the body's natural healing process, providing relief from headaches, arthritis, post-injury trauma, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, fatigue, and musculoskeletal problems.

Our thoughtfully designed cupping sets ensure maximum confort and ease of use, which makes it a great way to relax and unwind at home after a long day or post-workout.

By incorporating Cuppedjoy into your routine, you can not only reduce stress and improve circulation but also find relief from pain, inflammation, and common ailments like headaches and arthritis - ultimately enhancing your overall wellbeing and vitality.

Try Cuppedjoy BodyCup Cupping today and witness the incredible benefits for yourself!


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Our Bodycup Set has 28 pieces including 8 different sizes including 3 curve cups. Our smallest cup is 3cm of diameter and our biggest cup is 9.6cm, which means that our set provides you with many options to reach any area .

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  • Stress relief

    Stress relief brings numerous benefits, including improved mental well-being, enhanced focus and productivity, reduced anxiety levels, and overall better physical health.

  • Detoxification

    Detoxification is the process of eliminating harmful toxins and impurities from the body, promoting better health and vitality.

  • Muscle relaxation

    Muscle release helps alleviate tension and tightness in muscles, leading to improved flexibility, reduced pain, and enhanced mobility.

  • Immune system

    The immune system plays a vital role in defending the body against infections and diseases, safeguarding overall health and well-being.